– We want to find you a great home, not just a house!


    1. Remember that the actual square footage is NOT as important as how that footage is arranged. For example, a 1200 sq.ft. home can feel bigger than a 1500 sq.ft. home if the traffic flow doesn’t cut through a major room, if ceilings and doorways are high, tile is laid at an angle, the kitchen has a large pass through or is open to a dining room/living room, or the living space has large windows or double doors open to the yard. Don’t rule out a floor plan due to size; shop all or most of the plans in your preferred community before you narrow your search.


    1. Don’t let a realtor rush you through a home – take time in key rooms so you can really analyze for example, how that kitchen works for you, how the light comes into the bedroom in early morning, or how much shade falls on west-facing windows and patios. Sometimes a mature landscape can save you a lot of money on air-conditioning in our desert summer.


    1. Be careful not to fall for designer décor in a model home. Sit on the designer sofa and look around. Is the home built too close to neighbor’s windows? Is the family room convenient to the kitchen if you have snack-happy kids? Is there room for a quiet conversation or computer work space away from the family room? Do you really want backyard pool maintenance if there is a super community pool nearby? Get a good feel for the space.


  1. Observe the neighborhood at different times of day and talk to the neighbors alongside a home you like. Before making an offer, find out if there are for example, nuisance sounds or traffic or a difficult HOA board.


Sunland Homes Nevada has had over a decade of experience finding great retirement homes for retirees seeking a sound investment, minimal maintenance, peaceful neighborhoods and great amenities like pool, tennis courts and exercise facilities. When you retire, your home and community become more important than when you were busy working away from home. We know the retirement communities of Las Vegas very well and can show you varied alternatives for purchase. Since 2008, the bargains on quality homes are outrageous in our valley.

If you don’t know whether Las Vegas is the right place for your retirement, try renting one of our furnished homes for several months or rent an unfurnished home for a year. Home prices will not be rising significantly in today’s economy so you have time to test the Vegas valley lifestyle.

Sunland Homes Nevada deliberately chose to only manage rentals in Sun City Summerlin – what we call the Cruise Ship Without the Water because of the wide variety of sizes, prices, floor plans and the vast array of services and amenities particularly in the Summerlin master planned community on the west side of Vegas. Plus we have easy access to the beautiful places of the American Southwest and international flights around the globe.

Las Vegas has winter jacket weather from mid-November to February with temperatures in the low sixties in the day time and the forties at night. It means you can bring your sweaters with you but the snow stays on the mountaintops. Spring and fall are fabulous. Summer is famous for triple digit weather from mid-June to mid-September and that’s when many retirees like to travel back to old friends, the grandkids or summer tours to other parts of the globe so no worries.


This premier Del Webb community has an extraordinary array of over 40 floor plans from 1003 sq.ft. to nearly 3000 sq.ft. All these 55+ age-restricted retirement homes are single story. Many are free-standing while others are attached as part of a duplex or triplex. The smallest homes are often used as a second or winter home but they are also comfortable, permanent homes for 1-2 persons. The very large homes are often set on prime view lots over the golf courses or facing the Strip.

The following square footages of these Sun City Summerlin floor plans are only approximate as they vary with optional changes offered by the builder like bay windows in the bedrooms or with renovations done after building. We can fax or email you specific floor plans that you wish to examine. Please email us your request.



You are responsible for exterior & interior maintenance of the home and the yard. Preventive maintenance is not usually difficult or costly.


For fees, you pay an annual Master Association Fee of approximately $1238 (2011-2012 fiscal year) to operate all leisure amenities, golf courses, common spaces, staff, etc.


New buyers currently pay a special assessment (NORA)of $1237 to increase reserve funds.


2 bedroom detached homes under 1200 sq.ft.:

The SONORA 1005-1119 sq.ft.; ELKO 1179 sq.ft.; WESTON 1188 sq.ft., BRISTOL after ’94 1183 sq.ft. are the smallest free-standing homes now often selling under $150,000;

The SANDALWOOD 1384 sq.ft. , MONARCH 1350-1360 sq.ft. has bedrooms on opposite sides of the house, RENO 1349-1408 sq.ft. has bedrooms on opposite sides of the house . These are popular and reasonably priced mid-sized plans often under $200,000. The Reno is easy to enlarge.

Open Plan or Great Room Style: ROYALE1519 sq.ft. and TAHOE 1513 sq.ft. are the most popular open plan styles; the Royale allows for an enclosed den off the living room. Now can sell for just under or above $200,000.

2 Bedroom Homes over 1600 sq.ft.: SAN MARINO 1637 sq.ft.; MINDEN 1661 sq.ft.; VERSAILLES 1680 sq.ft.; SILVERTON 1780 sq.ft.; HANCOCK 1843 sq.ft.; MARQUIS 1848 sq.ft. has bedrooms on opposite sides of the house; SHERWOOD 1996 sq.ft. have family rooms and larger kitchens. Sell in mid-$200,00’s mid $300,00’s.

3 Bedroom Detached Homes over 2000 sq.ft:

MATARA 2104 sq.ft.; REGAL 2133 sq.ft. has bedrooms on opposite sides of the house; BELMONT 2152 sq.ft.; WINDSOR 2362 sq.ft. has bedrooms on opposite sides of the house; SANTA PAULA 2491 sq.ft.; BUCKINGHAM 2507 sq.ft.; WENDOVER 2564 sq.ft.; ARISTOCRAT 2764 sq.ft. has bedrooms on opposite sides of the house; and the WESTMINSTER 2895 sq.ft. have special architectural features, kitchens and family rooms with the most wow appeal. Can sell from mid $200,000’s to $900,000 depending on views and upgrades.




You pay the Master Association annual fee and the NORA fee as described under DETACHED HOMES.


However, you also pay a monthly fee averaging between $110 and $160 to a Sub-association that takes care of landscaping outside of your private patio, painting and maintenance of exterior walls & roofs, and insuring for rebuild of the basic structure and roof. You need only insure your interior contents and finishing details like interior walls, window coverings, and appliances. You will be part of 2 home owner associations.


Separating walls are well insulated against sound in these duplexes and triplexes.


2 bedroom attached homes under 1200 sq.ft:

CHARLESTON 1003-1021 sq.ft. has bedrooms on opposite sides of the house; BRISTOL 1046-1183sq.ft. has only one bathroom & 1-1/2 car garage; these are the smallest attached homes selling in low $100,000’s.

2 bedroom attached homes under 1200 sq.ft:

HAWTHORNE 1131-1187 sq.ft.; CARLSBAD 1143-1179sq.ft. & FRANKLIN 1179-1196 sq.ft. sell in the low $100,000’s

2 bedroom attached homes over 1200 sq.ft:

AUSTIN 1196-1220 sq.ft.; WARWICK 1218-1250 sq.ft.; SILVER CITY 1279-1302 sq.ft. has bedrooms on opposite sides of the house. These 3 homes are a comfortable size for 2 persons and sell in the low to mid $100,000’s.

2 bedroom attached homes over 1300 sq.ft:

KENWOOD 1316-1332 sq.ft.; MOHAVE 1308-1333 sq.ft.; LANCELOT 1319-1349 sq.ft.; HANFORD 1345-1359 sq.ft. offer extra dining space and larger living areas. They usually sell in the mid $100,000’s now.

2 bedroom attached homes over 1500 sq.ft:

GRAFTON 1574-1599 sq.ft., CORTEZ 1620-1636 sq.ft. & CAMELOT 1596-1664 sq.ft. all have bedrooms on opposite sides of the house and family rooms. They sell in the low to high $100,000’s depending on location and condition.

2 bedroom attached homes over 1700 sq.ft:

LINDEN 1731-1749 sq.ft.; RALEIGH 1757 sq.ft.; GLENBROOK 1731-1799 sq.ft. are the largest attached homes with elegant architectural features. They sell in the mid to high $100,000’s.



Sun City Summerlin with approx. 7900 homes was built between 1989 and 1999 in three stages, Sun City MacDonald Ranch with approx. 2500 homes on the southeast side of the Valley was built from 1996-2001; Sun City Anthem in Henderson near MacDonald Ranch with approximately 7200 homes was built from 1997-2009. Some of the homes are of an appropriate age or type for renovating to meet your specific needs or a desire for upgrades on the standard plan.

Renovations can vary from upgrading cupboards, counters and floors to increasing the number of rooms or garages.

The Sun City Summerlin HOA is quite amenable to changes in size or exterior appearance provided they meet the standards of their Architectural Review Committee and City of Las Vegas codes.

Free-standing 1-bedroom/bath Casitas are permitted in Sun City Anthem and MacDonald Ranch. However in Sun City Summerlin, they need to be attached to the existing home.
Right of the entrance gate in this photo is a third bedroom & bathroom suite attached to the second bedroom of a Hancock plan.
Certain floor plans are easier to alter than others; for example, in Sun City Summerlin the Reno floor plan can be altered in so many ways including adding a family room or third bedroom and bath suite. Yet the original home can be purchased at a drastically lower cost than the bigger homes. Have a look at these possibilities:

The covered rear patio of the Reno can be easily enclosed by knocking out the non-bearing exterior wall – where the sliding glass door sits in the home below.

There is no need to extend the roof or heat & air system so this expansion is not costly compared to adding a new wing or casita.

The expanded living room is now open to the informal dining room and kitchen of the original Reno.

Enclosing the patio expands the living room tremendously.

You can add a new patio and either a sliding glass door, a folding wall or double French doors to create easy indoor/outdoor living. That’s one of the great joys of desert living.

In this desert climate, you should add a durable awning for extra style and comfort on the new patio. This awning looks like wood but is made of aluminum so it never weathers in the desert heat. No painting – ever.


The Reno has a bay window dining area right off the kitchen so the formal dining room (below) is often unused.

The formal dining room can be better utilized as a home office without adding interior walls as below,
or it can be enclosed as a proper den – see right photo.

The Reno is less expensive to purchase than the Tahoe/Royale models – but you can create the same open plan by removing the wall between living room and kitchen.

You can open up the kitchen just a little as below, leaving the kitchen counters mostly hidden from view.


Or you can open it up a lot. What diversity in a mid-sized plan!


At the front of the home, the Reno can expanded in line with the garage. That creates tremendous new space for so many different uses.
It could be a spacious art studio with high windows giving indirect lighting and long walls to display artworks.


Or the new wing could be a family room with a long wall for a giant screen TV, bookshelves and a full wet bar. The plumbing is easy because the addition backs onto an existing bathroom.


This is the original Reno front – on the right is a new wing.

Here the wing is a third bedroom/ third bathroom suite with a private entry and enclosed courtyard.
Sometimes you just need to knock out part or all of wall to make a tremendous difference in a floor plan.

In this case, the formal living/dining room is now open to the family room.
Best of all, the kitchen and family rooms are open to the amazing valley views. Viva Las Vegas!