Living in the OTHER Las Vegas

“I hated Las Vegas before I moved here – African game parks were more my style – see www.artistfromafrica.net! But in a few short months as a resident, I was in love with this dynamic city BEYOND THE STRIP. You won’t believe the choices we have!

Where shall I begin? Nature, food, entertainment, history, or music? There are so many great things to enjoy in this multi-cultural, multi-faceted city that I will just ramble starting with Nature…”

Hiking in Red Rock Canyon

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A Gentle Winter in Red Rock Canyon

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SPRING MOUNTAIN RANCH STATE PARK – Phone: 702-875-4141 Broadway quality shows outdoors in summer! Drive a few miles beyond Red Rock Canyon and turn right into the Spring Mtn. Ranch Park. For less than $10 from June to August, you can enjoy fine quality evening musicals under the stars at temperatures a good twenty degrees lower than the valley in summer. Before the 8pm show bring your own chairs, food and drink (or rent chairs and purchase food there) and enjoy a picnic up close and personal with the Red Rocks. Stroll this former working ranch that now belongs to the public thanks to Howard Hughes, rent great horses and ride by the wild burros, or see the live reproductions of ranch life done spring and fall for the family. Find out what show you want to see at http://parks.nv.gov/smr.htm or call 594-PLAY for tickets and information.

Bonnie Springs / Old Nevada

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Phone: 800-368-9463 or 775-751-7800. Taste local wines made in a desert! Drive 40 minutes southwest of Vegas and Red Rock Canyon, but pause at the amazing Cactus Joe’s Blue Diamond Nursery (702-875-1968 12740 Blue Diamond Road) where desert plant novices are educated in the right plants for xeriscape gardening. Then climb the pass over the Spring Mountains to the little desert town of Pahrump. Follow the signs to lunch at the Pahrump Winery and enjoy the wine tasting – it is good!


Phone: 702-293-6180 A massive lake for house boating but it has an astonishing bathtub ring as drought and our thirst shrink the Lake! 550 miles of shoreline wind behind Hoover Dam east of Vegas. Call for Nevada fishing licenses because despite the water loss, this is a fisherman’s pleasure as well as a house boater’s dream. I just like barbecuing at the national park picnic grounds on south Lake Mead.

Phone: 702-872-5500 Where chains and ski boots are required in winter and the dining is sooo cool in summer! Just 36 miles north of Vegas on Highway 95 north toward Reno, turn west on the Kyle Canyon turnoff and climb gently into a different world of pine forest and million dollar ski cabins. This is a cool place to hike in summer and a great place for snowball fights and skiing in winter, however I prefer a restaurant with mountain view at this stage of my life and so probably will you!


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ARCHI’S THAI KITCHEN – Phone: 702-880-5550 May be the best in town in a quiet environment within a strip mall! Anything on the menu is superb and reasonable in this hole-in-the-wall type of restaurant on the north side of 6360 W. Flamingo, just east of Torrey Pines and west of Decatur. Their green beans have me on my knees in gratitude; no other restaurant vegetable can do that! They do a bustling take-out trade.

CLAIM JUMPERS – A chain restaurant that delights if you stick to the menu in the bar area! No advance reservations but don’t wait in line for the oversized meals in the main restaurant at the corner of Rampart and Charleston! Sit in the cozy, ski lodge type of bar and order from the marvelous appetizer menu and definitely try the 4 beer sampler. Great place for sports screens and conversation with great food!

CHEESECAKE FACTORY – Another chain that delights with a huge menu and quality, outside of the desserts! In Boca Park, just off Alta and Rampart Blvd., this hilariously overdressed pseudo Moroccan restaurant has superb grub if you can just dodge the huge lines. No advance reservations. Eat early or late, or sit in the bar, but eat here. There is something for everyone like the amazing Luau Salad or Symphony Salad, chicken tacos, fine Shepherds Pie or pasta. You can count on this one.




Oh there is so much more but I must let you explore for yourself. And email me your favorite things, please!